20Nm Proportional Valve Actuator Highspeed On/Off Type, Power Off Return Type, PID Type, Nb_lot Type

20Nm Intelligent Proportional Actuator with manual overide and position indicator, Power off return type available. power supply DC12V, AC/DC24V, AC/DC95~265V and control signal: 0~5V、1~5V、0~10V、2~10V、0~20mA、4~20mA

  • Valve Sizes: DN8,DN10,DN15,DN20,DN25,DN32,DN40,DN50,DN65
  • Power: DC12V、DC24V、AC/DC24V、AC/DC95~265V
  • Control signal: 0~5V、1~5V、0~10V、2~10V、0~20mA、4~20mA
  • Feedback: 0~5V、1~5V、0~10V、2~10V、0~20mA、4~20mA
  • Torque force: 20Nm
  • Valve connection: ISO5211 F03,F05 2-way,3-way ball valve and butterfly valve

Product features

Intelligent Proportional & Modulating Electric Valve Actuator

1.  1.3 inch OLED screen with high bright, energy saving and eco-friendly. Real time to Indicate valve opening position and external control command. Going into sleeping mode automatically after 5 minutes without operating.  The screen shows Valve opening position and external control command in sleeping Mode.

2.  Original valve adjustment complete by buttons - No need open Shell:

Step1: Adjust the valve in "anticlockwise full open position” by using the button to control valve and then Save;

Step2: Adjust the valve in "clockwise full close position” by using the button to control valve and then Save; 


3. With 16 digital High-performance CPU,12 digital high-precision AD conversion, built-in unique algorithm, Solved the problem of valve on/off inaccuracy caused by mechanical hysteresis. It is especially capable for 3-way valve adjustment.


 4. TFM200 total series and other DC24V series: built-in motor control module, motor frequency speed control can realize accurate positioning.


5.  Non contact positioning, control unit modularize design and potting processing, greatly improve product service life; Interface uses standard        connectors, convenient for installment, adjustment and replacement.

6.  Menu can report real time failure, including stuck or other reasons lead actuator fail to open/close valve integrally, and output failure warning signal.

7.   Menu can exchange control command.

8.  Menu can switch freely between remote control and local setting, and use button to Open/close valve manually.

9.  Menu can set valve close position deviation to on or off direction, greatly decrease the complex and inconvenience bring by “Normal On/Off mechanical positioning” to local valve adjustment.

10.  Menu can real-time adjust valve running speed of the actuator.

11.  Menu can restore factory default setting by pressing buttons.


Data sheet for standard specifications

TFM200I(Intelligent Proportional &  Modulating Actuator)

Tsaifan Electric Valve 

Data sheet for available customized items
TFM200-H(Intelligent Modulating High-speed & Quick Opening Actuator)

Tsaifan Electric Valve

TFM200-KT(Intelligent Modulating Power-off Return & Spring Return Actuator)

Tsaifan Electric Valve


Technical data:

Tsaifan Electric Valve

Tsaifan Electric Valve


Tsaifan Electric Valve

Main parts:

Tsaifan Electric Valve

Wiring diagrams:

Tsaifan Electric Valve

Tsaifan Electric Valve

Tsaifan Electric Valve

Mounting instructions:

Tsaifan Electric Valve

Tsaifan Electric Valve

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