Classification of electric valves

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1. Open type difference: Both motorized valve and solenoid valve has the function of open and close. Solenoid valve only have the function of normal close and normal open. Motorized valves have not only the function of normal close & normal open, but also position keeping function when power off.


Normal close type means: when no power, the valve is off, it need power to keep it open. When power off, valve will shut off automatically (In electric motorized valves, power stored in the capacitor make it happen; Solenoid valve achieve by spring); Normal open type is opposite;

Position keeping type means: No matter what the position of valve is at present, when power off by accident, the valve will keep its position until power supplied again.

 2. Wiring difference: Generally, the electric valves were designed into 2 wires, 3 wires, 5 wires(signal feedback) or7 wires according to different requirement.


3. Liquid difference: electric valve used to simulate the amount of liquid, gas and wind system piping medium flow regulation is AI controlled. Large wind valve control system can also be made into switch.

4. Electric valve: There can be a feedback signal AI, DO or AO can be controlled by a relatively large ducts and dampers, etc.

5. Driven difference: Motorized valve was driven by motor with gear and Circuit board; it has better property of withstand voltage shocks than solenoid valve. Solenoid valve is quick and fast off, generally used in low flow and low pressure condition, or requiring a large frequency switching places; Motorized valve operated by motor and gears, need few seconds to close or open . Motorized valve has the function of adjusting, it can adjust the opening angle. The opening status can be Full open, half open or full close... you can control the flow of the medium in the pipe and solenoid valves can not meet this requirement.





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