How to choose Electric Valves?

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Electric valve

The electric valve simply said control valves, electric actuators in order to achieve the valve on and off. Can be divided into two parts, the upper part- electric actuator and the lower part- valve.
There are two types of electric valve. One with the valve angle stroke, an electric actuator for rotary electric valve stroke: angle, the on-off valve 90 degrees inward turning control pipeline fluid; another type is straight travel electric valve: electric valve actuators with straight trip to use, straight stroke the pipeline fluid on-off valve plate motion control. Usually in supporting the use of a higher degree of automation equipment.
Electric Motor valve and solenoid Valve Operating Principle
Electric valves are usually composed by the electric actuator and valve after installation and commissioning. Electric valve using electric power to control electric actuator and then drive valve, so as to control the fluid in the pipeline.
The solenoid valve is another kinds of the electric valve. But, it use magnetic field generated by the electromagnetic coil to pull the spool of the valve. The spool can be controlled by changing the coil current and rely on the pressure of the spring return.
Electric valve wiring
The three-wire electric valve has three lines of the F / R / N. F stands for positive action (or open action) control line. R represents the reverse action (or close action) control line, N stands for ground.
Electric valve selection
Electric valve generally divided “normally closed” and “normally open” two types. When power off, the valve of normally closed type will be closed. Oppositely, the normally open type will be open.; Regarding wiring, there are a three-wire type and two-wire type, large diameter valves mostly are three-wire, small sized ones will have both two-wire and three-wire.
The characteristics of the electric valve
Simple structure, and long service life
Applies to almost all medium viscosity 600mm2 / s (cSt)
High temperature resistance, chemical corrosion
Explosion-proof low-cost, just with compact 72 proof pilot valve
Application of Electric Valve
Electric Valve can be used for regulating the amount of liquid, gas, and wind in piping system; also can be a on-off switch
Canned / bottle system
Brewing and beverage technology
Chemical Industry
A fluid mixing device
Food Industry
Concrete and cement industry
Vacuum Technology
Water treatment device
Pneumatic devices
Medical equipment
Boiler feed water
Process Control
Electric motor valve was droved by motor. It can resistant to a voltage surge. Solenoid valve is quick opening and quick closing, generally used in small flow and pressure requirements but high switching frequency. Electric motor valve contrary.
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