Electric valve actuator on the control valve trouble hooting

2014-01-08 17:45:00 Simon 271


The control valve actuators and electric valve actuator or gas two parts together to form. Electric actuator and valve body composed of the electric control valve, pneumatic valve pneumatic actuator and body composition. This paper describes the use of the electric actuator on the control valve troubleshooting, as follows

Use of the electric actuator on the control valve failure phenomenon: 
PSL210 electric actuator power, given a signal (for example, 75%), the implementing agency will be fully open in the end, and then returned to the specified location (75%).

Fault diagnosis and repair process: Based on the above failure phenomenon, we must first determine to wait to put the board and executive bodies that a Will wait to put the board is removed from the actuator directly to the power cord to the X5, / 1 and X5, / 4 terminals, the implementing agency off the direction of movement, the power cable to terminal X5, / 1 and X5, / 2, the executing agency direction to open the action, if the electric actuator movement is not normal, indicating failure in the electric valve actuator.



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