How to identify the model of TF Automated Valve?

2014-10-17 18:22:39 Neil

How to identify the model of TF Automated Valve?


TF brand automated valve include 1/4’’ to 2’’ both of brass and stainless steel valve, and it has manual override version and position indicator version. How can the buyer identify it though the product model? Let’s explain:


Look at the following three different model:

TF15-B2-A   TF20-S2-C   TF25-B3-B


TF15:  "TF" is our brand name; "15" means DN15, also name 1/2’’.

Same definition  TF20 is TF brand DN20 automated valve (3/4’’ automated valve);  TF25 is TF brand DN25 automated valve (1’’ automated valve);


B2 is brass 2 way valve; S2 is stainless steel 2 Way valve.

Same definition. B3 is Brass 3 way valve; S3 is stainless steel 3 way valve;


Finally, Let's learn the last letters of the model:


A – No manual override and position indicator (A series valve has better price than B and C series valve).


B – With manual override and position indicator (Can read the open/closed position, and operate the valve when no power situation).

C – With position indicator but no manual override (Can read the valve open/closed position)

Price different:

A series + $1.7 = C sereis

C series + $1.7 = B series

A series + $3.4 = B sereis


For now, we believe you can understand how to indetify the model of TF brand automated valve. The using time can prove the high quality of TF automated valve, you can be the next one inspector. It is the best choice for your water control equipment. If you need valve recommends, contact me though, this is Neil, thank you. 

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