3/4" motorized ball valve with time control function

timer controlled electric ball valve fire sprinkler,Solar energy drain valve,high efficiency water-saving,Automatic control systems,university water system

Product Name: 3/4" SS304 time control valve, electric timer valve AC/DC9-24V,AC110-230V



Technical Parameters:

Product size

NPT/BSP  3/4" 

Maximum working pressure


Circulation medium

Fluid, air

Rated voltage

AC/DC9-24V, AC110-230V (Optional)

Working current


Open/close time


Life time

70000 times

Valve Body material

 304 Stainless steel 

Actuator material

Engineering Plastics

Sealing material


Actuator rotation


Max. torque force

2 Nm

Cable Length


Environment temperature


Liquid temperature


Manual override




Protection class


Parameter Specifies:

Working voltage: AC/DC9-24V, 110VAC-230VAC (Optional)

The time for valve open: 0H:0M:0S -- 99H 59M 59S

The time for valve closed: 0H:0M:0S--99H 59M 59S

Design feature: 
1 All-copper gear design, high accuracy output torque, especially for multi-channel scaling system. 
2 Small size, compact structure. 
3 A variety of control methods, either to accept remote valve position control signal, but also the feedback Signal in place for computer intelligence unit testing. 
4 Good sealing performance 

For occasions: 
1 IC card water meter, heat meter. 
2 Air-conditioning fan coil, fire sprinkler. 
3 Solar energy drain valve, high efficiency water-saving. 
4 Automatic control systems, university water system, smallscale industrial automation equipment, environ-metal protection.


Application for:

1, IC card water meter,heat meter,air conditioning,automatic humidification.

2,Automatic drainage device,college saving appliances.

3,The industrial automation small equipment,environmental protection and other fields,replace the solenoid valve can not work stably occasions


Parameter Specifies:

Working voltage: 110V-230VAC

The time for valve open: 0H:0M:0S -- 99H 59M 59S

The time for valve closed: 0H:0M:0S--99H 59M 59S



timer valve manual 1

timer valve manual 2

time valve manual 3

time valve manual 4



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