1/2'' brass Timer Controlled motorized Valve for garden, automatic timing control water valve

High quality Timer Controlled motorized Valve BSP/NPT 1/2'' brass for garden air compressor Drain water air pump water control

Product Name: 1/2'' brass Timer Controlled motorized Valve  for garden, air compressor, Drain water and air pump


Technical Parameters:

Product size

NPT/BSP 1/2" 

Maximum working pressure


Circulation medium

Fluid, air

Rated voltage

AC/DC9-24V, AC110-230V (Optional)

Working current


Open/close time


Life time

70000 times

Valve Body material


Actuator material

Engineering Plastics

Sealing material


Actuator rotation


Max. torque force

2 Nm

Cable Length


Environment temperature


Liquid temperature


Manual override




Protection class



Parameter Specifies:

Working voltage: AC/DC9-24V, 110VAC-230VAC (Optional)

The time for valve open: 0H:0M:0S -- 99H 59M 59S

The time for valve closed: 0H:0M:0S--99H 59M 59S


Design feature: 

1 All-copper gear design, high accuracy output torque, especially for multi-channel scaling system. 

2 Small size, compact structure. 

3 A variety of control methods, either to accept remote valve position control signal, but also the feedback Signal in place for computer intelligence unit testing. 

4 Good sealing performances 

For occasions: 
1 IC card water meter, heat meter. 
2 Air-conditioning fan coil, fire sprinkler. 
3 Solar energy drain valve, high efficiency water-saving. 
4 Automatic control systems, university water system, smallscale industrial automation equipment, environ-metal protection.


Application for:

1, IC card water meter, heat meter, air conditioning, automatic humidification.

2, Automatic drainage device, college saving appliances.

3, the industrial automation small equipment, environmental protection and other fields, replace the solenoid valve can not work stably occasions



timer valve manual 1

timer valve manual 2

time valve manual 3

time valve manual 4



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