How about TF brand motorized ball valve?

2023-06-06 10:27:29 Neil 33

The User or Valve Distributor should consider the products quality and service when they selecting a valve supplier. Read the following contents, and we believe you will have confidence in TF brand valve.


Concept of our team:


1, Brand reputation is very important. TF team value each of feedback from our clients.

2, Time is very important for each of our customer. A professional salesman can save time for the customers, TF guys can recommends suitable valve for you with short time (we should consider the working environment, pressure, valve size and material, working voltage, control method etc, to guarantee you find suitable valve from TF).

3, Nobody like waiting. We usual reply questions and comments promptly (1-8 hours).


Quality control:


1, Actuator housing use high quality engineering plastic for prevent aging and UV;

2, Metal gear system can guarantee the valve operation steady and long life working;

3, 200 times electronic performance testing before sending out, each valve should open/closed 200times by power in this testing;

4, Type ID number to each batch valves;

5, The protection class is also IP67,all actuators are fully sealed to IP67 specifications to prevent water ingress;

6, Floating seal structure, no leak, suitable for heavy dirt or long time working. No leaking, high protection class, NEMA 6 equivalent;

7, Most of other supplier offer reduce port only. TF series motorized valve features a full port ball valve, the valve do not lose any water flow or pressure on the working.

8, Offer NPT thread valve for America and Canada market, and offer BSP thread valve for other country.

9, Different wiring control methods for option which include 2/3/5 wires control, normal open/closed, signal feedback etc.


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