3 way brass electric motorized valve

2014-07-28 11:44:12 lifupeng507 278

Tsaifan Electric Valve


TF Series Motorized Ball Valve are metal gear design, abrasion resistance with 70,000-100,000 long work life. NSF61, CE and ISO9001 are approved.

Valve body are full port design, prevent impurities clogging the valve after long time working.
PTFE sealing is anti-corrsion and keep the valve non-leak.
Brass ball Valve from DN8 to DN32, and stainless steel valve from DN15-DN50. 
IP67 protection class make Tonhe motorized ball valve work in -15℃~50℃ working environment, and prevent the circuit board and other inner part from corrosion or other damage casued by humid working environment. 
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